Introducing Healthwise Exclusive FD-1040HWKIT Dehydrator Package

Healthwise has partnered with Nesco to once again bring you a Healthwise exclusive Value Package. The FD-1040HWKIT

This special package includes these additional value added pieces:

  • 6 trays (total, base model includes 4)
  • 3 Clean-a-Screens (total, base model includes 1)
  • 3 Fruit Roll-Up Sheets (total, base model includes 1)
  • 1 BJX-5 Jerky Gun (not included in base model)
  • 6 Original Jerky Spices with Cures (total, base model includes 1)

A description of the base package may be found here: FD-1040

Because this item is a Healthwise Exclusive, it WILL carry a MAP of $149.95

Wholesale: $CALL plus shipping
MAP: $149.95
Retail: $189.95
UPC (new): 029517010364
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs (16x16x16 box, dimensional weight 25 lbs.)

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