Omega VERT VSJ843RS Juicer Compact Design

Healthwise has added the latest version of the VSJ843 Series to its offering. The new model VSJ843RS includes the same features and functions as the model VSJ843Q found HERE, however, the RS model has a different form factor. The RS is round and its design makes for a slightly more compact design, taking up less counter space than the Q Series does. We deduce that the "R" in the model number stands for Round, versus "Q" which we assume is for Qube - misspelling aside).

Dimensions are as follows: 7” W x 8 1/2” D x 15 1/2” H (versus approximately 8" wide for the Q Series)

Currently this model is only available in Silver (red may follow):

Silver VSJ843RS

Wholesale Cost: $CALL
MAP: $429.95
Retail: $599.99
Shipping Weight: 22 lbs
UPC: 737416084347


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