Victorio Deluxe Kitchen Crop 4 Tray Seed Sprouter - UPDATED 4/4/17 (replaces VKP1014)

The Deluxe 4-Tray Seed Sprouter with patented hydrophobic irrigation system is a fast, easy and fun way to produce fresh, high-quality sprouts in the kitchen all year round. Hydrophobic Irrigation prevents the flow of water from moving the seeds while in the germination process, preventing seed clumping. In just 2-4 days, enjoy healthful sprouts in soups, salads and sandwiches. The 4 trays make it possible to grow multiple seed varieties at the same time.


  • Kit includes 4 stackable seed trays, 1 Drain Tray, 1 irrigation lid, 1 oz Pack of Organic Alfalfa Seeds and instruction manual.
  • Made in USA

Wholesale Cost - $CALL
Retail Cost – $24.99
Shipping Weight: 2 lb
UPC: 811957012004

Victorio Large Jar Brush

This large jar cleaning brush is made of a dual foam construction which speeds the cleaning time. The brush is 12 1/2 inches long which allows you to reach the bottom of jars. This brush makes cleaning jars simple and easy.

It works with regular 1 quart jars and larger as well as all wide mouth canning jars.  It can also be used for cleaning bottle, coffee mugs, drinking glasses and more.
Wholesale Cost - $CALL
Retail Cost – $5.99
Shipping Weight: 2lb
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