Victorio Manual / Hand-operated Grain Mill -
replaces Back to Basics Grain Mill

No emergency food storage stash is complete without the Victorio hand operated grain mill. Precision stainless steel milling cone is durable and provides the ability to grind fine bread quality flour when you need it. Adjustable milling cone lets you grind coarse or fine and everything in between. Some people tell us it looks just like another grain mill on the market. Maybe it does, but put them both side-by-side and you will find that the Victorio grain mill grinds much finer. So don’t be fooled into thinking they are all the same, this is the one you really want.

  • Grinds finer than any other hand operated grain mill on the market!
  • Cone-shaped grinding burrs are self aligning, made of cast stainless steel, and are precision machined to insure long life and smooth, even milling.
  • Grinds wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, non-oily seeds, peppercorns, and other dry grains and spices.
  • Adjustable for any desired texture from fine to coarse.
  • Makes about 1/2 cup of fine flour per minute and more than twice that quantity on coarse setting. You will be delighted with the results.
  • Make your own delicious whole grain breads, cereals, and other bakery items at a fraction of the cost of store-bought.
  • Saves you money, while providing fresher, healthier foods.
  • Stores easily in a drawer or cupboard and is always handy when you need it.

Wholesale Cost: Call or email for cost
Retail: $79.99
Weight: 5 lbs

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