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Stainless Steel Tray versions of the Tribest Sedona and Sedona Combo Dehydrators Now Available

Posted by Customer Service on Monday, June 22, 2015, In : Product Related 
We've added the NEW stainless steel tray versions of the Sedona and the Sedona Combo to our offering. All aspects of the original products remain unchanged other than the trays are stainless instead of BPA free plastic. We are still waiting on images from Tribest with the stainless trays...
Here are the original product offerings on our site:

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Champion Homogenizing Body IN STOCK

Posted by Terry Callahan on Thursday, February 27, 2014, In : Product Related 
We have the Champion Homogenizing Body in stock in both white or black. An image is attached for your use. Note the white image Champion provided is more almond looking. The white I've included is for your reference.
From Champion:
Now introducing the new HOMOGENIZING BODY for your Champion juicer.
Advantages include:
1.  Fewer parts to assemble.
2.  Fewer parts to clean.
3.  No leakage.
4.  Dishwasher safe.
5.  Major improvement to the 2-step grind and press for the "Gerson Thera...

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World Cuisine Paderno Spiral Slicer Design Update - model A4982799

Posted by Customer Service on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, In : Product Related 
World Cuisine Paderno has changed the design in their slicer model A4982799 very slightly so that they could re-patent it. They were having issues with counterfeit slicers being sold as authentic, so the move to the slight change allows them to pursue patent violators legally, and differentiate from the counterfeits

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Victorio VKP1043 replaced by VKP1143

Posted by Terry Callahan on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, In : Product Related 
Victorio has replaced the VKP1043 with the VKP1143, which is smaller in size and lower in cost.
Wholesale Cost: $call or email
MAP:  N/A 
Retail: $3.50  
Shipping Weight:  1 lb. 
UPC: 811957011434 

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Champion Greens Attachment Restricted to US Sales Only

Posted by Terry Callahan on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, In : Product Related 
Champion Juicers has restricted sales of the Greens Attachment to the US only. Champion is in the process of a design update to support overseas models better, and as a result will not support sales outside the US until the update for overseas models is complete.

An additional update will follow once sales restrictions are removed

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Wolfgang Classic replaced with Wolfgang Supreme Grain Mill

Posted by Terry Callahan on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, In : Product Related 
Tribest has discontinued the Wolfgang Classic Mill (WM-001) and has replaced it with the new Wolfgang Supreme Mill (WM-360). The primary difference is aesthetic. The outer case has changed in appearance and the hopper has changed in shape. All other specs remain the same.
Wholesale Cost: $Call or email
MAP: $599.95
Retail: $695.95
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs

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Hurom HU-100 New MAP Effective Immediately

Posted by Terry Callahan on Thursday, October 31, 2013, In : Product Related 
The Hurom HU-100 Model in all colors now has a new MAP of $299.99, effective immediately.

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Miracle Harsch Crock Pots - Discontinued

Posted by Terry Callahan on Friday, October 25, 2013, In : Product Related 
The Miracle Harsch Crock Pot is no longer being made and we no longer have any inventory, in any size. At this time, the replacement for this crock is the Nik Schmitt Crock.

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Omega VRT330HD Model Name / UPC Change

Posted by Terry Callahan on Monday, July 15, 2013, In : Product Related 
Omega has officially changed the name of the VRT330HD (the white version of the 350HD) to the VRT350W with the goal of aligning the product name to the Silver version (the 350HD).

VRT330HD - white model is now VRT350W
VRT330 - unchanged
VRT350HD - Black and Gray model

The UPC for the VRT350W is 737416035103
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NEW FL-3000 Freshlife Sprouter IN STOCK

Posted by Terry Callahan on Friday, May 10, 2013, In : Product Related 
We have just received the new Freshlife 3000 Sprouter from Tribest. Tribest has not provided any updated images at this time.
The changes are as follows:
No on-off switch
Equipped with on-off switch
No detachable power cord
Detachable power cord
No Timer, ran off a heat sensor
Uses timer; 5 mins on 25 mins rest
Motor was unreliable, and barely do 2 barrel
Stronger motor, can do up to 3 barrels easily
All other parts and accessories are the ...

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Champion Greens Attachment - Fit update

Posted by Terry Callahan on Thursday, April 4, 2013, In : Product Related 
Due to a problem with the Greens Attachment fitting the hub on older model Champion Juicers, Champion has determined that any juicer over 10 years old will not be able to use the new Greens Attachment.

The new cut-off for serial numbers are as follows for those machines the Greens attachment will work with:
All Black
All Silver
W - 447,800
C - 10,640

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Champion Greens Attachment - Description Update

Posted by Terry Callahan on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, In : Product Related 
Champion has just announced that the Greens Attachment description has been revised. The main difference is that the Greens Attachment has been designed to maximize extraction from wheatgrass primarily. While it will juice other leafy greens, yield will not be as high due to this design focus.

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New Hurom Models/Colors Available NOW

Posted by Terry Callahan on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, In : Product Related 
Hurom has introduced 3 new models to replace the 3rd Generation model HU-100. They are as follows:

HU-100W - White
HU-100S - Silver
HU-100B - Black

All models offer the same functions and features as before, with the following improvements:
  • New Smoke colored Ultem Screen material (no longer amber in color)
  • New Larger capacity Pulp Container 
  • New Recipe book - new 80 page “100 Gourmet Recipes for the Slow Juicer” cookbook- a $14.99 value.
  • New and improved Inner and outer Packaging - trilingual, ...

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Blendtec New Twister 32 oz Jar Coming Soon!

Posted by Terry Callahan on Tuesday, September 13, 2011, In : Product Related 
The newly designed Twister jar will blend your thickest recipes such as: Nut Butters, Hummus, Baby Food, Dips, Thick Shakes, Dressings and more

To use, simply add ingredients and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is running. This twisting motion forces the ingredients from the sides of the jar back into the blade, achieving a perfect blend every time. We'll also include our new spatula that has been engineered specifically for Blendtec jars. We mad...
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New Vitamix cookbooks - In stock Now

Posted by Terry Callahan on Tuesday, June 7, 2011, In : Product Related 
These are outstanding recipe books that are designed with the healthy lifestyle in mind. We've had a number of requests from Vitamix TurboBlend owners as well as others for these books, so we have brought them in support of these requests.
Recipes For The Turboblend Two Speed
A collection of easy, healthy and delicious recipes that you can make in you new machine. Vitamix invites you to explore this collection to see how simple it can be to add whol...
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NEW EasyGreen Model EQMV In stock Now

Posted by Terry Callahan on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, In : Product Related 
The original model the EQEG has been discontinued and replaced by the latest model, the EQMV. The EQMV is the same as the original model but now includes both the 5 cartridges and 1 large tray. This was done in order to support both sprouting and wheatgrass growing without the customer having to buy the large tray separately like in the past.

With this new model comes new MAP pricing (new agreement to follow shortly) and better margins for our retailer network:

MAP: $179.00
Retail: $189...
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Kuvings Silent Juicer - Healthwise Exclusive Distribution

Posted by Terry Callahan on Friday, May 6, 2011, In : Product Related 
Healthwise is the Exclusive Distribution partner for the the new Kuvings Silent Juicer for the North American market. Healthwise shall be supporting all distribution for this juicer line within this market. With the addition of the Kuvings Silent Juicer, Healthwise continues to lead the market as the most comprehensive source for healthy lifestyle appliances in the United States, offering truly "one-stop shopping" to its retail network. More details may be found here.

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Vitamix 4500 Blender replaced by 2 Speed Model 1782

Posted by Customer Service on Friday, April 29, 2011, In : Product Related 
The Vitamix 4500 has been replaced by the latest update to the model, the Vitamix TurboBlend 2 Speed 1782. More details here

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COMING SOON! Champion Juicer Leafy Greens Attachment

Posted by Customer Service on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, In : Product Related 
We can't share too many details other than we know it exists, we've seen it work (very well too) and are expecting to have it available soon. There will be more exciting details coming soon but rest assured they are all good news for those who are looking to make available a great item to a very large installed base. Stay tuned!
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Samson 9002 (formerly 9001 Black)

Posted by Customer Service on Wednesday, November 3, 2010, In : Product Related 
Samson has recently changed the model number for what was formerly the 9001 in BLACK. The Black 6-in-1 model is now called the 9002. This is identified as such on the juicer itself. Note the retail box makes reference to the 6-in-1 without any model # referenced. According to Samson this was done to bring continuity to the product line. So the models are now as follows:
9001 - Ivory Standard 6-in-1
9002 - Black Standard 6-in-1
9003 - Ivory Advance
9004 - White Advance
9005 - Black ...

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Victorio Kitchen Garden replaces Back to Basics Kitchen Garden

Posted by Customer Service on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, In : Product Related 
Back to Basics has discontinued the Kitchen Garden. We have replaced this item with a similar item from Victorio. Details may be found here

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Now in Stock: Omega VERT HD VRT350 Juicer

Posted by Customer Service on Friday, September 10, 2010, In : Product Related 
The new VRT350 includes a beautiful new color scheme of black and silver, as well as improves on the strainer/screen material - now made of Ultem.

Click here for the product annoucement

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Now in Stock: Breville Juicers and iKon Blenders

Posted by Customer Service on Friday, September 10, 2010, In : Product Related 
Combining raw power with practicality and style, Breville is the global leader in juicer innovation.

Drink to your health. Get into the world of juicing with this no-nonsense dual-speed juice fountain. Easy, lightning-quick operation and simple clean-up. Healthier living starts here.

Click here for the full product announcement.

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HUROM HU-100 Upright Juicer - 2nd Generation new bowl, warranty change

Posted by Customer Service on Friday, August 20, 2010, In : Product Related 
Hurom has improved the bowl on their 2nd Generation HU-100 Juicer. The redesigned bowl includes a larger pulp ejection outlet that ensures pulp can be ejected at a faster rate in order to avoid pulp from backing up into the auger and slowing the juicing process. With this 2nd Generation juicer release (slated for end of August 2010 timing at Healthwise) Hurom has revised their warranty to 10 years on the motor and 1 year on everything else.
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