After many years of working with UPS as our primary shipping carrier, and after a recent evaluation, testing and a great amount of due diligence, Healthwise has entered into a new Strategic Partnership Agreement with FedEx in support of the Healthwise shipping operations. This strategic partnership will add a great deal of value to Healthwise customers. This change will take affect with orders shipping Monday, August 30, 2010.

Key Factors:
  • FedEx reaches 68.2% of the US within 4 days, UPS only reaches 48.7% within 4 days. That means that we will cover an additional 20% of the US in 4 days versus the current service offering
  • FedEx averages 3.87 days in transit, UPS averages 4.05. An average of 5% faster across all shipments
  • Ground offers faster transit times to 20.6% of the US population via its fully automated hubs
  • Home Delivery services 100% of US residences and delivers Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-8pm local time. The typical residential order we shipped on Monday going to the East Coast now arrives on Saturday of the same week versus the following Monday. This also means that Saturday becomes an included delivery option via Home service at no additional cost. This will help our customers close more sales when potential customers need the item by Saturday.
  • FedEx touches the package less than UPS does - we found in our evaluation and physical site tours for both carriers hubs that the FedEx system uses much newer technology than UPS and in turn handles your package less times, which ultimately leads to fewer damage claims 
UPS and the USPS will both continue to be supported shipping options.