Hurom has introduced 3 new models to replace the 3rd Generation model HU-100. They are as follows:

HU-100W - White
HU-100S - Silver
HU-100B - Black

All models offer the same functions and features as before, with the following improvements:
  • New Smoke colored Ultem Screen material (no longer amber in color)
  • New Larger capacity Pulp Container 
  • New Recipe book - new 80 page “100 Gourmet Recipes for the Slow Juicer” cookbook- a $14.99 value.
  • New and improved Inner and outer Packaging - trilingual, with much better images and feature presentation and better protective measures for shipping

MAP is still $358.95.

Note the new Hurom models may NOT be offered for sale on ebay and they require pre-approval if any dealer would like to offer them on Amazon.