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Our Story

HW Health, The Perfect Partnership

Loving what you do is important. Loving the people you do it with changes the game completely. From the moment we hired our first employee in 2019, we have been determined to build a team of only the best quality people and practitioners. We are a locally owned and operated business that cares deeply about our community. Everything we do is a reflection of our passion for empowering people to live increasingly active, healthy and vibrant lives. 


Our story is simple, humble and organic. Starting in 2018, lifelong friends the Blanchards and the Wings found themselves dreaming of a fresh approach to clinical healthcare in their hometown of Ottawa. Meg and Heather caught themselves longing for a clinic environment where clinicians and patients might find themselves empowered, rejuvenated and truly valued. Soon after, a framework for renewed customer service, clinic environment and practitioner collaboration began to take shape. In 2019, we opened our first clinic, Holistic Wellness Physiotherapy - Barrhaven. Later that same year, we crossed paths with Ryan. While his track record and experience working with some of the top organizations in the country was interesting, his values and the integrity that he works with, created a very clear path for a lifelong partnership. Naturally, his dream of creating a truly integrated healthcare and personal fitness centre was adopted by HW.


The result, "HW Health - Where Healthcare Meets High Performance". A place where patients come to get the best in collaborative interdisciplinary care and where clinicians come access leading resources and IST processes. 

Our motto is simply "care first" ... we invite you to experience it for yourself! 

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care first.

Meet our Team of Elite Healthcare Practitioners

Heather Wing PT. 

With over a decade of experience as a Manual Therapist and Concussion Specialist, Heather grounds her focus and practice in client care and personal connections.

Learn more about Heather's services here.

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Richelle Weeks, PT

Richelle’s professional focus is currently the incorporation of strength and conditioning to optimize performance, reduce injury and enhance rehabilitation.


While her passion is the rehabilitation of athletes, Richelle enjoys working with all clients who are eager to take an active role in their rehab.

To learn more and to book an appointment with Richelle click here.

Dr. Ryley Hayter, DC

Born and raised in Barrhaven, Dr. Hayter is thrilled to bring his chiropractic services to the community that he calls home. Dr. Hayter is passionate about helping people restore function and find optimal health so that they can get the most out of active lifestyles. In addition to his expertise in joint manipulation, Dr. Hayter is proud to offer neurofunctional accupunture services that can be a major game changer in helping restore proper movement patterns.  

Learn more about Ryley's services here.

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Matt Kelly, PT

Born and raised in a small PEI town, Matt has traded in his pipeline of fresh lobster for a career in physiotherapy and sport performance. With an impressive background in hockey and biomechanics, Matt has worked in some of the top clinics in Eastern Canada and the USA with some of the country's top athletes. 

Learn more about Matt's services here.

Meghan Blanchard PT.

Specialized in Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Meghan has spent the last 10+ years of her career devoted to ensuring industry leading patient care experiences. 

Learn more about Meghan's services here.

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Cara Racicot, PT 

Cara's background in personal fitness training as well as high performance sport and dance gives her tremendous insight and experience in working through the rigours of high intensity training and performance. As a physio, she is passionate about delivering excellence and promoting and enabling excellence in her clients.


To learn more about Cara and her services or to book and appointment with Cara, click here.  

Lisa Glass, Exercise Physiology
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Having spent the past decade studying and living in Langley, Calgary and Sydney Australia, Lisa now calls Ottawa home. Lisa is excited to bring her extensive background in Exercise Physiology and Exercise Science to the HW Team and the Barrhaven Community.


Lisa specializes in objective testing and  monitoring so that she can help optimize exercise programming and target the areas of greatest need.

To learn more about Lisa's services follow the link here  

Rachel Marcotte, PT

Rachel Marcotte graduated from the U of T where she obtained a Masters in Physical Therapy. Previously, she completed her BSc. with an honours in HK..

Rachel has developed a strong interest in pelvic floor physio.  Rachel treats women’s health conditions including, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, diastasis recti and pain with intercourse. She has also taken courses for pregnancy and postpartum to help prevent and/or treat common dysfunctions that can arise during these times.

Learn more about Rachel's services here.

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Ryan Morrison, FCAMPT

Ryan's passion is to bring his pro sports experience, training and resources to the local amateur athlete. Ryan has dedicated himself to obtaining and mastering additional qualifications around high performance sports injury rehabilitation.


Learn more about Ryan's Services here 

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Carissa Boucher, RMT

Before starting her career as a Registered Massage Therapist, Carissa completed a degree in humankinetics at the University of Ottawa. She then completed her studies to become an RMT at Algonquin College. Since then she has been serving in Ottawa's West End as part of multidisciplinary teams. Most importantly, she has a huge heart for this community and pours it into each and every treatment. 

Learn more about Carissa's Services here

Brent Linker, Strength and Conditioning

Brent Linker is among the most experienced and qualified strength and conditioning specialists in the province of Ontario. Having coached in high performance settings across, the country and around the world, Brent is excited to be back in town, raising his family and working in our integrated support team. 


Learn more about Brent's services here.  

Joanna Geck exercise science

While out west, Joanna earned her BSc. in Human Kinetics while competing at the varsity level. Her 2 ACL injuries motivated her to pursue a Master's of Science in Biomechanics at the University of Ottawa. She is currently specializing in the biomechanics and neuromuscular function implications of ACL injuries and rehabilitation. Joanna is also the head strength and conditioning coach for the GeeGees women's soccer team and is passionate about training and developing high performance athletes. She is determined to  bridge the gap between the academic, clinical and performance aspects of rehabilitation as part of the Sport Science team. 

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Melissa Beals, RMT

Since beginning her practice in 2011, Melissa has been continually refining and expanding her skills under the mentorship of seasoned Physiotherapists and athletic coaches.  As a Mom and lifelong athlete, she has focused her training on being well versed in treating the athletic population and providing specialized pre/post natal care.  Melissa believes that if you are moving for and with a purpose, you are an athlete.  Her passion is to get people moving pain-free, whether that involves wrangling kids or training for national competitions.  

Learn more about Melissa's services here

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Kylie Ransom, RMT

Kylie's career started on Canada's west coast where she studied, trained and worked in Kamloops, British Columbia. More recently, Kylie found her way to La Belle Province in Montreal and now to the Nation's Capital.


Kylie has joined our team in hopes to reconnect with the medical / professional side of rehabilitative massage. She is excited to partner with our other practitioners in a joint effort to get you back on your feet and feeling great. 


Learn more about Kylie's services here 

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care first.

Care First is a mindset that shapes everything we do at Holistic Wellness Physiotherapy.

At many levels, Care First represents who we are and what we believe in. When we say "Care First," we mean that we will adopt a posture of genuine and uncompromising caring for our clients before we start treating symptoms. At the same time, Care First means that client care is the first priority in our operational hierarchy. Each aspect of our organization is driven by what is best for our clients. We work around you. Last but not least, the Care First mantra is a constant reminder to hold ourselves accountable and make sure that the first thing we do is care about one another. From our C.E.O, to our Massage Therapists, and the families of our clients, we care about our role in supporting the well being of our entire community.