As we prepare for life after lockdown, we have designed new health and safety protocols to ensure the comfort and safety of each of our clients, patients and practitioners. Each of these provisions has been designed in accordance with the most recent directives from the Province of Ontario, Ottawa Public Health and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Given the volatile nature of this virus and the evolving approach by our government, these practices are subject to change and will be monitored daily to ensure we are offering the safest treatment possible. 


Staff Screening

Each day our staff will undergo a mandatory screening process to guard against potential risk factors or infection relating to Covid-19. This is true for both the direct practitioners and the support staff. 

Client Screening

Each visit will start with a treatment eligibility screen. In accordance with mandated policies, we will be asking questions pertaining to exposure risks as well as symptom acquisition and travel history. 


Before you Leave Home

Having a plan and being prepared is crucial during these times. We ask that each client prepares to be safe and to help us limit exposure. Please leave any kids at home and limit any required parental supervision to 1 per client. Simple things like washing hands thoroughly and using the washroom at home before you leave will also contribute to a safer treatment.   

Waiting Lounge Modification

We will be reducing client loads and working hard to reduce exposure during client transitions. In order to ensure that we can uphold appropriate distancing requirements we ask that you find the seat labelled with your name on it as quickly as possible. These seats will have been sanitized and prepared specifically for you and your appointment time. 

Entering the Building

Our entire building is equipped with the latest in barrier free entry. While there are a few buttons (that become high touch areas), you should not have to grip a door handle. You are encouraged to use a hip or an elbow to press buttons as much as possible. Additionally, you will find a sanitizer station in the lobby as you enter. Please sanitize your hands as your enter the building. 

Keeping our Distance

When you arrive, you will notice a series of pathways created by physical barriers and indicated by white tape on the floor. Please respect these guidelines so that we can ensure clients and practitioners are not accidentally infringing on each others' space. 

Community Protection Equipment

In order for us to continue to help limit the spread of Covid-19, we have purchased a significant amount of PPE. Our practitioners and staff will use this equipment as needed and as mandated by our governing bodies. Additionally, we have enough equipment to supply our clients with a mask for their appointment. If you have a mask of your own, we would love for you to wear it so we can preserve our supply as much as possible. 

Shared Surfaces

We will be limiting our clients to touching very few surfaces during their visit. Once inside the clinic, we have made it so that clients should only ever need to touch their seat in the waiting room and their treatment table. We will be sanitizing these surfaces immediately following each appointment and have systems in place to track and monitor clean vs contaminated surfaces. 

Hands on,  Germs Off

Our services often require direct contact with your skin. With this in mind, we have strict protocols on how to ensure that you are not being put into contact with contaminants. Staff will follow protocols for washing and sanitizing as well as ensuring their PPE is fresh for every client. 

Contact Free Payment and Processing

In order to reduce the number of contacts and interactions we are going to pivot to online billing and sales for the foreseeable future. This will go a long way in allowing us to track contacts and limit cross contamination of clients. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 


We will be cleaning each touchable surface between each point of contact using accelerated hydrogen peroxide based cleaning solutions in accordance with Health Canada standards for medical facilities.

Our team will be exercising extreme discipline when it comes to cleaning our hands. In order to ensure your safety, our staff will sanitize between each client to ensure there will be no transmission from one client to the next. 

From time to time, we are required to use towels, pillow cases and sheets to protect surfaces and to assist in the cleanup process. Rest assured that each piece of linen is put through a heavy duty, hot wash cycle in the washing machine between each use and that no client will come into contact with a piece of linen used with another client. 

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