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1051 Baxter Road, Nepean, ON, K2C 3P1

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For the first time in our city, you can receive the same quality care as a pro athlete. 

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Former Dir. of Rehab for the Toronto Maple Leafs

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Acute and Chronic Injury Rehabilitation

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Post Operative Rehab Programs 

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FCAMPT - Manual Therapy

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Dip. Sport Physiotherapy

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Direct Billing to Insurance

Now Booking New Clients at Our New 17,000 Sq Ft Facility. 

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Your Injuries Have Finally Met Their Match

Nagging Pain? 

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Functional Movement Restoration

Pain Management Treatments

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Exercise Programming + Workout Space

Shockwave Therapy

Certified Sport Physiotherapists

Pro Sport Inspired Support Team

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5,000 sq ft  Rehab Gym

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Pro Sport Tech and Tools for the Fastest and Safest Rehab. 

Sport Injury?

Surgical Rehab?

Phased Rehab Progression

Expert Exercise Programming

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Objective, Data Based Progress Reporting.

Medical Grade Return to Function Testing

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Most efficient, effective and sustainable rehab possible

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Heather Wing, Partner




Plain and simply, you matter. At HW, we've designed a process that ensures you receive the highest levels of service each time you are in our care. This starts with dedicating more time to each client . It involves investing heavily into leading research and technology. It involves following through with communication and programming with patients, doctors and other stakeholders. It involves digging deep to make sure every aspect of your healing is accounted for and that you leave happier, stronger and ready to lead a more active, healthy and vibrant life.

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What are the clients saying?

Organic Google Reviews

"To say he went the extra mile with my rehab is an understatement."

"It's the best physio clinic I have ever been to and would have no hesitation recommending them to family and friends"

I can't rant more on how professional and good this physio clinic is. As a High level athlete I've seen many clinics. From start to Finish their whole team has taken care of me. Their administration staff is nothing but polite, and friendly and a HUGE special thank you to Ryan for all of his work. To say he went the extra mile with my rehab is an understatement. I cannot recommend these guys more. These guys truly care about your wellness and health and will take every step to make sure you achieve it. They will be my go to physio clinic in the Ottawa Region moving forward. Thank you guys!!

Adam Presutti

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Ottawa, ON

I have now had 3 appointments at Sport Science (with Ryan). The second you walk through the doors there is an overwhelming positive and caring vibe from everyone in the clinic. I tend to agree with T. Roosevelt when he was quoted as saying, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". The HW staff is top notch and definitely know their stuff but more importantly they seem to genuinely care about you and your path to recovery. I'm considering injuring myself again just to hang out here more often! :) Seriously though - it's the best physio clinic I've ever been to and would have no hesitation recommending them to family and friends.

Mike Kenny

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Ottawa, ON

care first.

A simple mantra,

A simple mission to put people first

What do the Pros Say? Professional Testimonial

I worked with Ryan for four years with the Toronto Maple Leafs. During that time Ryan was tasked with the role of developing our injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies. His tireless work ethic and methodical approach led to the development of truly world leading protocols. The results of these were directly correlated with the incredible success of the team during his tenure.  The team did not suffer a non-contact injury for three and a half seasons demonstrating the efficacy of Ryan’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to athlete monitoring and proactive intervention. When an injury occurred the rehabilitation protocol included an unprecedented level of detail in which every possible physiological system was leveraged to ensure that the environment for healing was optimized in every way. To this end, we did not suffer any set-backs during the rehab process and never experienced a recurrence of an injury. I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of Ryan’s work.

Dr. Jeremy Bettle, Ph.D.

Director of High Performance,

    - Brooklyn Nets, NBA,

    - Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL 

    - Anaheim Ducks, NHL. (current) 

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Ryan Morrison, Director of Sport Science 

FCAMPT - Physiotherapist

Dip. Sport Physiotherapy

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Cert. Gunn IMS, Cert ART